Now accepting applications for 2023!

Download our application, fill out the PDF and email it to

The DSRGWM offers scholarships to its members on a first come/need basis. Each fiscal year funds are budgeted into categories. When the funds are depleted scholarships for that category will end; therefore it is important that the DSRGWM has a paper trail to keep track of the budget.

  • Recreational Scholarships can be used for individuals with Down syndrome to participate in activities such as camps, organized sports, classes etc.
  • Educational scholarships can be used for family members to attend local, state, or national conferences, seminars and workshops that address issues pertaining to Down syndrome.
  • Professional Scholarships can be used for teachers, therapists, and paraprofessionals etc. to attend local, state, or national conferences, seminars and workshops that address issues pertaining to Down syndrome.

If you would like to utilize one of our scholarships please download and fill out the application to the best of your ability, we are here to work with you so please don’t hesitate to ask any questions.  A star next to an item is information we must have to go forward.

We do ask that you email or send an invoice/bill (to send funds directly to the program, doctor, etc.) or a receipt to reimburse the scholarship awardees along with the scholarship application.

**Please allow time for approval and reimbursement. This can take 3-5 months depending on the time of year. Please remember we are a volunteer board of mostly parents.**

We will no longer accept invoices/bills/receipts from a third party. We ask that the invoice/bill/receipt be submitted from the family that is requesting the scholarship. We cannot be responsible for invoices/bills/receipts that are not received on time.

 Please direct any questions to

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"The Scholarships that DSRGWM provide for the DS Community is such a generous, wonderful service. The fact that educators, parents, family members, as well as the children themselves can access educational and recreational programming without having to be concerned with cost.  My daughter, Jeanette, and I participated very happily in many sessions of the “Music Together” classes. There is no way we would have been able to afford this program on our own.

Jeanette loves music, and the classes were amazing for her. Besides enjoying listening to and dancing to music, we were working on social skills (“don’t touch the guitar,” “don’t grab others’ clothes,” etc.). Additionally we got to practice playing different instruments, and using large motor skills to play with balls, hoops, parachutes, etc. - all set to music. The class is not “designed specifically” for special needs children. However, the format was such that she could participate in most activities with the help of myself or others. She got to practice approaching other children, and hopefully the other kids learned a little bit about kids’ with special needs, and how they can enjoy a lot of the same “kid stuff” together.

-Jeanette's Mom

Pictured here is Kayla’s most recent dance pictures. Kayla is 12 years old.
"I would like to thank you for providing the Down syndrome community in Western MA with scholarships to help fund a variety of programs available to our children. My family has been able to use the scholarship funds to send our daughter Kayla to dance for the past two years! The DSRG was able to fully fund Kayla’s entire year of dance each year. Kayla dances with CHD (disability resources) who also has partnered with the new Ohana dance studio in South Hadley, MA. It is my hope that with the continued support of all those that give each year to the DSRG that Kayla will be able to continue dancing!"

– Joannah Thai (Kayla Norman’s mother) 

"I have been fortunate to receive funding from the Down Syndrome Research Group of Western MA to attend the MDSC Annual Educators Forum. I attended with a team of school professionals. This included classroom teacher, paraprofessional, special education teacher and speech language pathologist.  Attending this conference was a valuable professional learning experience. We each learned a wealth of information to build our “professional tool box.” We learned resources, technology, interventions, and accommodations for maximizing opportunities for our student with Down syndrome to participate within the classroom. What a great day to collaborate as professionals and be inspired!"– Andrea Elson M.S. CCC-SLP