The Down Syndrome Resource Group of Western Massachusetts was started in September 1999 by parents who had a common interest in sharing information and resources in caring for their children. The group provides information about family support, resources, parent training, and social opportunities.

Jennifer Johnson


Jennifer Johnson is the mother of a 4 year old son Benjamin with down syndrome and her reason for joining the board. She would like to give back to an organization that has done so much for her family. Making sure every family has the support and knowledge they need is so important. She brings experience in organization skills, computer/internet knowledge and event planning to the board.

Vicki Anderson

Vice President

Springfield native Vicki Anderson is the proud mother of three multitalented sons: James, age 13; Julian, age 11; and Shaun, age 8, who happens to have Down syndrome. As a passionate career professional in the field of disability and inclusion, Vicki is honored to join the board!

Melissa English


Mimi Chuang


Mimi is the mother of Freddy and Sofia. She joined to group to meet and connect with other families for support and community. She joined the Board to in 2018 seeing how much the DSRG has come and how much is there to do to further our mission to advocate for our loved ones. 

Anna O'Rourke

First Call Parent

Anna is the proud mother of two daughters and two sons. Her youngest child, Audrey was born in 2017 with Down syndrome. Anna has a background in teaching and a masters in moderate disabilities. Parenting a child with special needs is a path she has navigated before. Her son, Johnny had a complicated medical history and passed away a few months before his third birthday. In his short life she witnessed how determination, strength, resources, and the support of family transform a child’s life. She believes by empowering children and families with education, advocacy, community, and friendship their child’s potential will flourish. Anna is happy to be part of the DSRG as the First Call parent.

Maria Santiago

Event Director

Maria Santiago joined the board in 2013. She is a dedicated mother to daughter, Destiny, and son, Marcus, who is almost 9 and was born with down syndrome. She has 30 years experience in retail business and office management. I joined the board so that I can help continue to generate awareness, inclusion and acceptance to all individuals with down syndrome.