The Down Syndrome Resource Group of Western Massachusetts was started in September 1999 by parents who had a common interest in sharing information and resources in caring for their children. The group provides information about family support, resources, parent training, and social opportunities.

We are joined by some new board members who are eager to share their voices and diverse strengths to continue this amazing organization. We welcome these new folks and express gratitude for all the hard work and dedication of the continuing and outgoing members.

Joyce Leckey


In 2004, Joyce’s youngest child, Thomas, was born with Down syndrome. In Tom’s younger years, Joyce served the DSRG as a First Call parent, event planner and vice-president. Now that her children are adults, she returns to the board along with her husband, John, in hopes of expanding the DSRG’s offerings for individuals of all ages and their families. She is so grateful to all who have come before us to create this wonderful community. Together, Joyce and Tom enjoy hiking, swimming, running, bowling, singing on car rides and learning how to train their new dog Petey. Joyce also has a passion for mountain biking ,skiing, and painting.

Amber Chaban

Vice President

Amber Chaban is the proud mother of three children. Max age 5, who has dwarfism, Molly age 3, who has Down Syndrome and Violet age 1.5. Amber has a background in ABA therapy, Mental Health and Substance Use Counseling with a Masters in Education with a concentration in trauma studies and addictions. I joined the board to help advocate and continue to gain positive relationships that will help guide our children's future. I am proud to be a part of DSRG.

Aries Fisher-Provost


I'm excited to be joining the board of an organization that means so much to me. I am the mom of two awesome kids, the younger of whom has Down syndrome. It was a turbulent time for us dealing with a surprise diagnosis in the middle of a pandemic. Through connections facilitated by groups like this one, our family was lifted up with love and support from the delightful Down syndrome community. I am a Registered Nurse with a background in Sociology. I'm eager to give back and provide comfort, education and support for other families!

John Leckey


Personal : John is the father of Thomas, a much loved 19 year old with Down syndrome. Outside of family, his activities include biking and hiking. He is also active as a ski patroller and bike patroller. He looks forward to serving the Down syndrome community in this new role! Professional: John has had a 35 year career in business, including technical sales, applications (problem solving) and business management. He is currently a consultant for his former employer and continues to be active in ski and bike patrolling.

Anna O'Rourke

First Call Parent

Anna is the proud mother of two daughters and two sons. Her youngest child has down syndrome. Anna has a background in teaching and a masters in moderate disabilities. Parenting a child with special needs is a path she has navigated before. She had a son who had a complicated medical history and passed away at a young age. In his short life she witnessed how determination, strength, resources, and the support of family transform a child’s life. She believes by empowering children and families with education, advocacy, community, and friendship their child’s potential will flourish. Anna enjoys being part of the down syndrome community and serves on the DSRG board as the First Call parent.

Eisha Azhar

Member At-Large

Eisha is a proud mom of 3 - a daughter and two sons. Her middle son Khizr was born with Down syndrome in 2020. She moved to Longmeadow in 2021. She is an internal medicine physician by training, but is currently taking a break to focus on raising her family. She hopes to support and empower individuals with Down Syndrome and their families by providing resources and ongoing engagement in the community.

Megan DeMorris

Member At-Large

Megan is a practicing Occupational Therapist in home health. She has a passion for adapted and inclusive recreation. She has experience as a BHP with a teen with Down Syndrome. They would go into the community, engage in outdoor recreation, and socialize with other teens. She also has experience with the DCR universal access program with assisting individuals with disabilities, and their families, in things like paddle sports, hiking, cycling, and more. Megan spent time in college volunteering for a day program while in college in Maine which catered to teens and adults with developmental disabilities. This program would engage people in art, outdoor recreation, sports, as well as exploring complex social situations and relationships. Megan has a passion for advocacy and inclusion for people of all abilities, and is excited to be a part of the DSRG.

Michelle Cove

Member At-Large

Michelle Cove M.A. is the Director of enterprise solutions for CHD, Center for human development in western Mass. Her career path has spanned from NIH researcher, corporate leadership and sales, health and wellness consultant and now one of the directors for a large human service agency. Michelle was born, raised, and received her college and graduate training in and around Western Mass. She is passionate about bringing people ideas and resources together to give back to the community.

Linda Lapointe

Volunteer - Adult/Teen Group

Linda LaPointe attended her first DSRG event when her daughter was 3 years old. It was a summer picnic and it was cold and raining. Despite the weather, the DSRG families embraced “Jac” Jacqueline Grace Boucher and made us feel like our move back to Massachusetts was the right one. Fast forward 12 years and she is wants to support the DSRG mission by finding ways to reach families of teens and adults with Down syndrome in a way that is meaningful for them. She would love to hear from your family about what your teen or adult needs and wants that could possibly be supported by the DSRG.

Maria Santiago

Volunteer - Events

Maria Santiago joined the board in 2013. She is a dedicated mother to daughter, Destiny, and son, Marcus, who is almost 9 and was born with down syndrome. She has 30 years experience in retail business and office management. I joined the board so that I can help continue to generate awareness, inclusion and acceptance to all individuals with down syndrome.