Physical Therapy Activities for Toddlers

Bubble Wrap Runway Activity

Materials: Bubble wrap and tape

Instructions: Create a bubble wrap “runway” by taping it onto the floor

Encourage your child to pop the bubble wrap by performing different movements such as:

  • Jumping with two feet together
  • Tip toe walking
  • Heel walking (duck walk)
  • Marching
  • Galloping

Overhand Ball (Sock) Toss to Wall Target

  • Tape a target onto the wall (3-4 feet off ground), you can draw a picture or simply draw a circle on a piece of paper to use as a visual
  • Use a small light weight ball, bean bags or rolled up socks
  • Have your child throw OVERHAND to the target (try verbal prompts “bring ball to ear and throw”)
  • Provide hand over hand assistance as needed

Ball Throwing/Catching Game

  • Use a light weight ball, beach ball or balloon. Stand 3 feet away from your child.
  • Have your child throw a light weight ball forward from chest height using two hands
  • Encourage catching with two hands by providing verbal prompts as needed for example:
“look at ball... arms out in front...hands ready”- this also allows more time to react. Provide hand over hand assistance as needed (you may need 2 people assisting, one facilitating child and the other one throwing ball to child)
  • Start by throwing beach ball slowly from a short distance and directly to child's hands

Progress skill by:

  • Increasing the distance you are throwing from
  • Throw ball slightly off to the side so the child has to reach outside their base of support
  • Decrease amount of verbal prompts provided