MDSC 36th Annual Virtual Conference

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Each spring, over 600 people    with Down syndrome, their family members, health care professionals and    educators from across New England attend our Annual Conference on Down    syndrome. Though we are not able to gather in person this year, we join    together virtually to hear the latest research findings and timely    information from national and local experts on a range of topics related to    Down syndrome.     

We are proud to announce that our theme for 2020 is Trailblazers and our conference will once again spotlight research! 

For the past 36 years, MDSC and our families have been paving the way to a brighter future for our loved ones with Down syndrome. The world continues to change rapidly - new technologies, new treatments, and new research are on the horizon for people with Down syndrome and their families. While it can be daunting for families to access and understand how this may impact their lives and that of their loved ones with Down syndrome, it affords us the opportunity to continue to forge a path forward using every tool available - communication, collaboration, advocacy, education, and, ultimately, by standing up for what’s right.

Gathering virtually, we will delve deep into the promising developments in Down syndrome research and the exciting potential it has for the future. Our presentations will highlight innovative clinical trials and explore studies underway nationwide that have promise to make a difference in people’s lives. We will cover the latest research on nutrition and physical fitness, education, clinical care, technology, behavior, and Alzheimer’s disease, to name a few. We will also offer other timely presentations pertinent to this season we are in such as supporting your student at home, technology tips, and building skills of independence while homeschooling. Additionally, you will be able to join live, interactive virtual workshops to personally connect with and learn from others with similar experiences.

For decades now, we have been powerful trailblazers, both individually and collectively, truly altering public perceptions, raising expectations and improving the lives of our loved ones with Down syndrome and our society for the better.

As we gather together as a community for the 36th year, virtually, we honor this legacy and are determined more than ever before to continue to trailblaze an even brighter future for decades to come.